Methods to Hug – Different Types of Hugs and Their Connotations

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How to Hug

A hug is a simple and effective approach to express affection. It can be used for passionate romances, as well as for friends and family members. It can also be a sensible way to make somebody feel better, especially when they’re feeling straight down or depressed.

But sometimes, cuddles can feel uncomfortable for a few people. This runs specifically true for those who endure haphephobia, a fear of currently being touched.

Several patients with PTSD, anxiety attacks and autism suffer from haphephobia as well, which might make them feel uneasy in a embrace.

For these reasons, it can be necessary to learn how to embrace safely, so your loved ones will get the best benefits in the gesture. Read more to learn regarding the different types of cuddles and their symbolism, furthermore how to larg your friends and loved ones properly without making all of them feel unpleasant.


A subtle and low-commitment hug that can be done with a higher person or possibly a shorter an individual, the side-hug is seen as a wrapping a great arm in regards to partner’s shoulder out of behind. This is a common gesture for parents to give their children, and can be a attractive way to express intimacy in a romantic relationship as well.


A comfortable and speedy hug that is certainly done among friends or relatives, this is characterized by important your upper torso together quickly. There’s a bit of length between huggers from mid-torso downwards, but it has the still close enough meant for both parties to think safe.

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