taking your business to the web.

Whether you own a coffee shop or you are a performing artist, we can design the perfect website for your business.

moozolab.com creates easy-to-use, elegant websites with custom web designs based on your taste and tailored to your needs.
We offer a wide range of services like custom logos, social media design, CMS customisation with endless combinations and options to suit your business.

We also specialise in building websites for musicians and performing artists. Our bespoke creations include event listing system, Spotify and YouTube integrations, e-shop, crowdfunding, donation and subscription systems, and much more.

simple and elegant web designs
with powerful features.

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what we do

Our creations in action.

Scroll on the pictures to have a quick look at our layouts.

Sara is one of the UK’s finest Jazz vocalists, based in London.
We designed a custom website with a simple E-Commerce feature.

Here’s another example of an elegant custom design for a performing artist. It integrates Mailchimp, E-Commerce and captcha-protected contact form.

A modern layout for a recording studio. A perfect template for any professional that wants to have an elegant portrait of their business.


We collected here some of the questions you might have about our websites. Feel free to send us a message for any other info.

Yes! Our logo and social media design can be easily adapted for any printing service.

Definitely, we can create a simple tutorials for you on how to upload new products or how to update your blog.

For small projects we can deliver a fully tested Portfolio website in 5 working days. The turnaround time can change in case you require extra features or services.

Of course! After the design has been approved, we offer a 15-day period in which you can let us know about anything that needs changing. You can always get in touch with us for minor changes and amendments after that.

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